Page Template

Use the header file start three dashes and end with three dashes for define the properties of each page.

layout: default                 # keep it as 'default'
parent: MQTT                    # title of the parent article in the navigation tree
grand_parent: Communication     # optional, use if the article is a grandchild in the navigation tree
title: Robot Protocols          # title of the page
nav_order: 1                    # You can use this number to define the order the items in navigation bar. otherwise it will use alphabetical order
permalink: communication/mqtt   # this is the actual url of the article (Here,
has_children: true              # Make this true if there any child pages under this page

More details on these properties can be found in Navigation Structure

Possible Markdown techniques can be found in here and you can see the syntax from here.

Please refer typography details and layout options for any advanced uses.