Application of Swarm Intelligence in Multi-Robot Systems

The commercially available swarm robots are relatively expensive. Therefore to test any swarm behavioral pattern, the better option would be making a general purpose robot. Since the primary aim of this project is to create a swarm of robots that are capable of doing simple tasks like following a leader or finding a path by avoiding obstacles.

Technology can change with needs. So spending money on a particular technology can be a waste. Thus, it was decided to design and build customized robots that suit this purpose within the project’s first phase and later use them within the second phase.

The goal of the first phase is to create five working robots that are equipped with all the instruments and sensors that would help them survive and perform in a swarm environment. Within the second phase the robots that were made during the first phases were used to implement the swarm intelligence into them.

By using the library that was built during the second phase, the communication with robots and use of them to do a simple task like moving in the same direction were achieved while communicating between each other.